About Thomas Ford

Nassau County is at a crossroads. The recent burst of growth we’ve experienced has cascaded into several issues that to many seem completely out of control. We need new leadership, new ideas, and a more focused approach to growth. My name is Thomas Ford and I love Nassau County.

I am happily married to the love of my life Dana. Two children, Megan who is a junior at Hilliard Middle Senior High School and Forrest who is a sophomore at the University of Florida working on his electrical engineering degree. Megan is active in the Hilliard chapter FFA, serving as president last year, along with countless other groups and clubs in high school.

I was born and raised in Bryceville, FL as several generations of my family were before me. In fact, my three times great-grandfather was the town’s namesake. At a young age I learned hard work on my family’s farm, where we raise beef cattle and grow hay. I would start work at sunup and tend to the farm until and sometimes past sunset. And it was during those long days my love for that way of life grew and the work ethic became part of my fiber.

Later in life in addition to farming my family taught me the construction business. It was there I learned about building, planning, and growth. I saw that the farms of my youth were disappearing and realized there had to be some rational way to keep the old ways the way they were while bringing new ideas, new growth, and new tax revenue to the place I love.

Through those experiences I became involved with the Florida Farm Bureau Federation. That organization built my leadership skills to the point that I am ready to lead Nassau County in a new direction. Through the Farm Bureau I applied for and served on the Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Committee. In short order, my peers elected me Florida State President and I had an opportunity to represent our state all over the country. More recently, I have been elected as a district representative on the Farm Bureau State Board of Directors.
Locally, I serve on the Nassau County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, I proudly represent Nassau County’s Young Farmers and Ranchers, I serve on the Nassau County Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee and for the last two years I’ve served on the Nassau County Codes Enforcement Board. Also for the past 6 years have served on the Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation Board.

In sum, I have demonstrated leadership on the local, state and national level and I now feel I am the right person to help lead Nassau County into a bright future.

My roots run deep in Nassau County and I’ve never lived anywhere else. Because of that, I will work harder than anyone else to make this county a better place for my family and yours for generations to come.